After a couple years on the market and feedback from clients and PKs (Product knowledge) from my reps (finally), I am learning new things about LYP (Luxury Vinyl Planking). We all thought that luxury vinyl was as dent and scratch resistant as laminate- but waterproof also! We thought all of our flooring problems had been solved! But it turns out the WPC is softer than any hardwood and is coated in urethane, which scratches like hardwood! We know now that there is a new category of SPC vinyl that is harder (stone in the core) but it is still coated in urethane. The only alternative I know of at this point is Sono and Dyno, which have aluminum oxide urethane, which is harder to scratch.

I think we are a ways out of really understanding these products- because my reps have not been fully educated on the products they are selling up until now. Now that they are flooding the consumer market we are sure to get more feedback from people on how they wear and hold up over time. LVP is still a great waterproof inexpensive option for flooring. But I have a suspicion the new waterproof laminates are going to make a come-back because they are laminated in plastic and truly are more scratch resistant.

Come into my showroom and I will show you all these options in person!

Lisa Wells
Geneva Flooring
San Diego, CA