Mid Century Modern

Are you looking for a more modern sophisticated yet simple floor? Try a Mid Century Modern design which consists of neutral tones, clean lines, and organic curves. Mid Century Modern design heavily relies on one big focal point (normally in bold, muted colors such as orange and green) while smaller more minimalist decorations are in the background (in black and white with little to no design/pattern). It is more known to have unique designs with furniture as it is normally the main focal point in a certain area. Having the mix of the bold muted colors with the minimalist design really creates an overall beautiful home aesthetic.

Mid century modern sitting area

It is better to have a more simplistic outlook when choosing decoration and overall design than having a busier pattern especially in the new wave of modern design. Try to aim for more sleek furniture for bigger purchases (such as couches and tables) and choose a bold focal point with complimenting surrounding decorations (such as area rugs and vases).? Do not be afraid to go bolder with your big purchases either, sometimes furniture is better and easier to decide when choosing your focal point as newer, out of the ordinary furniture pieces are currently trending right now. Mid Century Modern also heavily relies on the new wave of art pieces which can help add additional statement pieces in your home.

Mid century modern living space

Choosing the correct flooring will really tie the room together with the overall aesthetic of the Mid Century Modern design and there are lots to choose from. Most of the flooring options that match really well are in a more warm, rustic tone. However, the majority of them come off as dull/muted in order to keep the focal point on the statement piece. Flooring options can range anywhere from a neutral muted brown floor like the TimberPlus- Oak Natural to a darker gray tone like AduraMax- Regency Oak: Aged Bronze as well as stone like vinyl such as AduraMax- Pasadena.

TimberPlus- Oak Natural; AduraMax- Regency Oak: Aged Bronze; AduraMax- Pasadena Stone

There are some stone tile looks that blend really well with the overall design of Mid Century Modern and can lead you to more variety in your home to blend with other aesthetics. The color options they carry that fit in this design are normally in the gray darker tones for those who do want a little bit of edge which can also lead you to more of a Dark Academia look with blends really well.

Dark academia mid century modern designs

Overall, the new dive into the Mid Century Modern aesthetic brings a cool new wave of opportunity and design to your home. It has been opening up the flooring industry as well, so much so that we are now offering a limited time discount on the Mannington LVP line that was shown throughout this article. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have on Mannington?s LVP!

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