Builders usually have limited options and hefty price tags. Builders usually feature a few floors (they are usually common floors that I also carry at a lower price) that streamline the choices for homeowners trying to customize their new build in a new community. While there is a convenience to just pointing to several options in one afternoon, you will often pay double or more for that convenience. Just getting another bid from a company like mine on that same product you chose can save you thousands. They usually make you close on the home with carpet or vinyl (base grade coverings) and it still saves you money to throw that new stuff away and buy from us. The benefit they have is wrapping the upgrade costs into the loan when new homeowners are short on cash. Also convenient, but EXTREMELY expensive to pay 30 years of interest on those upgrades- tripling the price of the renovation work again.

Please call us if you are moving into a new home and we can help you navigate your options and coordinate your work with your other contractors!