The DOs and DONTs of shopping for hardwood flooring

DO bring visual aids to reference the color of your cabinets, paint or current floor that you are trying to match.

DON'T fall in love with a picture online and try to find that exact floor in a showroom. Print colors, screen colors, lenses disfigure color variation and hue?I never sell the floor in the picture anyway, so try not to get stuck on something too specific. Choose from the thousands of options of floorings for sale in the showroom. There are so many variables, it becomes a witch hunt to track down something too specific.

DO talk to a showroom consultant willing to give you their time.

DON'T go down the endless rabbit hole online and try to reinvent the wheel. The internet is a great place for preliminary information and research. But it is not all unbiased or appropriately vetted for your situation. Find someone you can trust that has the experience and your best interest in mind, tell them your situation, and get helpful filtered information for your project.

DO leave yourself a month to make this large purchase decision.

DON'T try to buy a next-day $10,000 flooring purchase. Because this is the last stage of a long remodel, people often wait until the end to order their flooring. This is such a big decision! Your color pallet for the home, the cost! and it's heavy and we need to get it all to your house! There can be delays in shipping and storage, and there are acclimation considerations to factor in. Decide what kind of flooring you want with plenty of time to reserve your materials and line up a great installation crew. The best technicians are booked out for a few weeks.

DO have an experienced flooring consultant help you set your budget.

DON'T come up with a budget on your own then try to fit your appropriate project into it. There are things to consider outside the scope of common knowledge. Leveling is the most costly of the variables that may not be properly anticipated. If you have leveling concerns we can even get a team out to give you close estimations of what your project will require in the budgeting phase. We include fireplaces, closets, baseboards, and flooring appropriate for your performance expectations in our estimates.