Hardwood CAN.  There are exceptions!  If you get a naturally colored, smooth hardwood floor with enough wear layer for refinishing, then hardwood can last the longest.  Comparatively, it is only $4.50sf to refinish this kind of floor, and a minimum of $10-18sf to replace it!  Depending on wear layer you could refinish your floor every 20 years 5 times and have a 100-year floor!  However, if there is stain, any texturing/distressing, or not enough wear layer then these floors can’t be refinished and are disposable hardwood that must be replaced after damaged.

A waterproof floor (LVT) is probably going to last longer than a traditional laminate.  But simulated wood floors are meant to be disposable.  You wear them out them throw them away. There is no way to resurface or refinish them.

A better-quality carpet is going to look better longer, but carpet is also a disposable good.  You wear it out, then throw it away.

White oak floor being refinished
This is a white oak floor being refinished.  Takes out all the dents and scratches and makes your old floor brand new!

Unique carpet wool style
This is a Unique Carpet wool style- notorious for holding up well!  Still , when carpet wears out, it is time to replace!

vinyl plank floor from Republic
This is a vinyl plank floor from Republic.  Waterproof and durable, but ultimately disposable.