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Debunking the Myth: Are Hardwood Floors Waterproof?

Hardwood floors exude timeless elegance and charm, adding warmth and sophistication to any home. However, there's a common misconception that all hardwood floors are waterproof. Uncover the truth behind this belief, exploring whether hardwood floors are indeed waterproof, what factors influence their water resistance, and how you can achieve the best of both worlds with Geneva Flooring. 

Myth or reality: is hardwood waterproof?

Understanding water resistance

Contrary to popular belief, natural or solid hardwood floors are not inherently waterproof. While some hardwood species may have natural water-resistant properties to varying degrees, no hardwood floor is completely impervious to water. When exposed to moisture, hardwood floors can absorb water, leading to warping, cupping, or discoloration over time.

Factors affecting water resistance:

Several factors influence the water resistance of hardwood floors, including the type of wood species, the finish applied to the surface, and the quality of installation. Some hardwood species, such as teak or cedar, have higher natural oil content or tighter grain patterns that make them more resistant to water damage. Additionally, applying a waterproof sealant or finish can enhance the water resistance of hardwood floors.

Maintenance and care:

While natural hardwood floors may not be waterproof, proper maintenance and care can help minimize the risk of water damage. Promptly wipe up spills and avoid leaving standing water on the floor. Use mats or rugs in areas prone to moisture, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways, to protect the hardwood surface from water exposure.

Waterproof hardwood flooring alternatives

Engineered hardwood flooring: the best of both worlds

Engineered hardwood flooring is desiged with a thin layer of real wood on top of a stone particle core - similar to LVP. Real hardwood flooring is peeled very thin so that you can avoid the expansion and contraction. It's then layered on a waterproof core. Unlike LVP or laminate's repitition in design (which is a giveaway that this flooring is not real wood), you get the original hardwood floor visuals and the waterproof benefits.

View our collection of Proximity Mills Waterproof Hardwood Flooring online or stop in store! Our Proximity Mills waterproof hardwood floors all have a urethane, scratch-resistant finish as well as a variety of colors. 

Waterproof hardwood lookalikes:

For homeowners seeking the aesthetic appeal of hardwood floors with enhanced water resistance, there are alternative flooring options available. Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring and wood-look porcelain tile offer the appearance of hardwood with superior water resistance, making them ideal choices for areas with high moisture levels or potential water exposure.

Protect your hardwood investment with care

While hardwood floors may not be waterproof, they can still be a beautiful and durable flooring choice for your home with proper care and maintenance. 

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