How does environment affect hardwood?

How does environment affect hardwood?

Hardwood flooring is very sensitive to its environment.? We are lucky in San Diego to have moderate temperatures year round that is also great for our hardwood.? But we still need to be conscientious about our environment so that we do not ruin our floors.? When you buy hardwood your warranty stipulates that you will honor certain conditions in your home.? That might mean running a dehumidifier when we get those crazy humid weeks in the summer, running a humidifier during the dry ?Santa Ana?s?, or running the AC and opening up the house when you are out of town.? If the home is neglected and left with a temperature that YOU would not want to be in, your floor does not want to be in it either.

These same accommodations need to be made for people that live in other climates and have more temperature swings more often. ? People in the desert have to worry about floors shrinking and checking, people in wet/humid areas need to worry about leaving ample expansion space.

This process of drying wood for production and acclimating it to the home environment before installation is part of your professional installer?s procedure.? When Geneva Flooring does your installation we will make sure your wood is acclimated properly, your expansion gaps and moldings allow for appropriate movement of the floor.? And you, as the homeowner, just have to hold up your part of the bargain to keep the installation successful by maintaining the home environment moving forward.

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- Lisa Wells,?Owner