what is luxury vinyl flooring in San Diego, CA

What is Luxury Vinyl Flooring and Why is it Taking the Market by Storm?

If you want the rich look of hardwood or elegant stone flooring without the associated price tag and maintenance, luxury vinyl flooring might be the perfect choice for your home. This versatile, durable, and increasingly realistic flooring option is surging in popularity. 

Let's explore what makes luxury vinyl special and why you should consider buying luxury vinyl flooring in San Diego, CA for your home. 

What is luxury vinyl flooring? 

Luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) is a type of resilient flooring engineered to offer the luxurious appearance of materials like hardwood or natural stone, but with enhanced practicality and affordability. It comes in two main formats:

  • Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP): Designed to mimic the look of hardwood planks.
  • Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT): Replicate the appearance of stone, ceramic, or other tile materials.

What is luxury vinyl flooring made of? 

The realistic appearance and scratch-proof durability of LVP or LVT is achieved through its amazing construction and design. In particular, luxury vinyl’s construction features several layers: 

  • Backing Layer: Provides foundational stability and can offer cushioning or sound dampening.
  • Core Layer: The heart of the plank or tile. There are two main core types:
    • WPC (Wood Plastic Composite): Offers some flexibility and a softer feel underfoot.
    • SPC (Stone Plastic Composite): Exceptionally rigid and dense, ideal for high-traffic areas or subfloors with minor imperfections.
  • Vinyl Layer: This is where the bulk of the material lies, made primarily of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) resins for durability and water resistance.
  • Print Film Layer: This is where the realistic wood, stone, or ceramic visuals are created through high-definition printing.
  • Wear Layer: A transparent top layer that protects against scratches, stains, and fading. The thicker the wear layer, the more resilient your floor will be.

The rise of realism and luxury vinyl floors

Get the look of hardwood and stone without the downsides

Luxury vinyl was first introduced in the 1930s. Over the next century, advancements in printing and manufacturing techniques have allowed LVT and LVP to mirror the look and textures of natural materials with incredible accuracy. This allows you to enjoy the beauty of wood or stone without their drawbacks.

Modern luxury vinyl is designed to handle the demands of busy households and growing families. Thick wear layers provide incredible resistance to scratches, scuffs, stains, and fading. You don't have to worry about refinishing or constant upkeep like with wood. These floors are popular with young families and pet-owners. 

Especially with WPC cores, luxury vinyl feels softer and warmer underfoot than traditional tile or stone. It's great for those who spend a lot of time standing or have kids who play on the floor. In addition, the sheer range of design options (wood looks, stone visuals, even concrete effects) means luxury vinyl complements a broad range of interior design styles.

Finally, compared to the materials it replicates, luxury vinyl offers a significant cost advantage without sacrificing visual appeal or durability. Altogether, these reasons make LVP and LVT a formidable competitor against hardwood flooring and tile. 

Seeking the perfect luxury vinyl flooring in San Diego?

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