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Do Hardwood Floors Really Increase Your Home Value?

As you'll find in many guides on Redfin;
Hardwood is among the top ten improvements you can make to your home to increase the value.

People are in my San Diego flooring showroom all the time trying to plan for the uncertain future and my best advice is get something you will love for the time you are in it. It is such a big investment and you cannot possibly know the tastes of your future buyer. Also, life is so unexpected! Sometimes you move again soon with a new job opportunity and sometimes you stay much longer than you planned.

I tear out floors all the time that are brand new that sellers just put in to make a home marketable. People these days want their own signature style and color. It is helpful to have a clean nice looking floor to move in to, then you can put the ?flooring? project lower on the never-ending list of upgrades.

Hardwood flooring in a San Diego, CA home

I think it is helpful to think about your vision of the home. How long will you stay there? What is the traffic like in your home? Do you have children and high traffic? Are there large windows where the light is going to fade the floor? Consider getting a floor that can be refinished before putting it on the market to take out scratches and fading. If you plan to turn it into a rental perhaps get a laminate floor that is waterproof and scratch resistant. If you are going to sell the house soon, maybe a great looking ?water resistant? vinyl is appealing to the buyers.

Either way- hard surface and hardwood, in particular, is ALWAYS a good idea!

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