How Should I Install My Hardwood Floor San Diego?

How Should I Install My Hardwood Floor San Diego?

There are three ways to install a hardwood floor: Floating, Nail or Glue.? If you have a wood subfloor nailing is an option for you.? If you have concrete subfloor, I always recommend glue or float the floor instead of building a subfloor.? They are expensive, basically another sponge that can fail, and make height issues.? There are three differences between float and glue: Expansion, sound, and cost.

A floating floor expands exponentially across the floor because it is free floating, held down by gravity.? Each room will expand according to the different conditions in the room, and the rooms should be broken up by expansion gaps, covered by Tmolds.? These floor expand more across the floor and you do not want to short on expansion space anywhere.? Glue down floors are a more suitable option if you are foregoing your tmolds next to a large transition to tile, for example.??

Sound is another consideration.? If you are often traveling between wood and tile, consider that a floating floor sounds and feels different.? If the ?hollow? sound of a floating floor bothers you, I would spring for the extra cost of a glue down floor.? You do not want this to annoy you for the next ten years.? But If you don?t mind or don?t even notice, this is a great place to save on some money and have the added comfort of the pad.? Especially where you stand more, like the kitchen.? It tends to be easier on your knees and back.

Glue down installation is more expensive.? You have to abrade the surface, think $50 per 200sf, then you have to buy moisture barrier and adhesive.? For normal conditions you can use a 2 in 1, for moisture concerns use a two part system.? This is all more time consuming and the labor price will go up as well.? Figure $3sf more for a glue down installation San Diego.

With a nail down floor the expansion and money are a consideration.? You will have top nails at the end of the rows in a room. You have to have a good quality OSB or plywood to hold a nail or cleat, so you will need to evaluate for particle board.

Always find a high quality flooring company San Diego, that you trust, that is going to help you make the best decision for your home.? You cannot know all there is to know about installation- choose someone that will help guide you.? If you are in San Diego, come to Geneva Flooring!

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