Serenity Village Community Project

Serenity Village Community Project

Serenity Village is a privately owned collection of 8 houses that house and support 58 local women and children in Escondido, CA. Six of the Eight houses have three bedrooms with two women in each unit, three bathrooms, a living room and a communal kitchen. Designed like cozy residential homes, all of their back slider doors open to a private patio, and a communal backyard space. HouseRight360 (parent company) provides primary medical care, as well as help with substance abuse, mental health and re-entry services. 80% of the client base were previously homeless. North County Serenity House has been there since 1966. Serenity Village provides transitional housing for 2 years to go to school and work and get their feet under them. Two of the homes are exclusively for women with children, and they are allowed to occupy the rooms as a family. They had a newborn there this fall, who is now safely learning to crawl on a brand new hypoallergenic cork floor, donated by Geneva Flooring.

This is Wicanders Cork - Ocean Oak. Donated by Geneva Flooring

The land was purchased in 2005. Local firefighters burned original homes down as a training exercise, began building in 2007 and doors opened in 2008. The property was in need of updating, but the fundraising started slow in the wake of the 2020 pandemic, when it was hard to get community attention and all of the in-person avenues were not available. As of March, 2022, $70,000 has been raised from the community. If you would like to support Serenity Village go here:'-with-serenity/c320783

Part of this year?s renovation project, led by the property manager and devoted leader, Suzanne, is turf to stop the mud from the lack of landscaping from pouring down the hill into the kid play area. She also got a large playground and benches donated for the two family homes. All new furniture was donated for the living rooms, that havent been renovated in 18 years. Suzanne called Geneva Flooring for assistance in finding flooring sale items. Lisa Wells, the owner, who has a background in and compassion for community service, especially working with women and children in outreach programs and court systems, jumped right in to help her. She contacted her resources, gathered over the past 20 years in the industry, and within weeks had enough flooring donated by her supplier contacts to cover all 8 houses. She then coordinated the design for what flooring would go where in each of the houses, and handled the pickup and delivery of the donated products.

New installation

Farrah Mason, a graduate of Serenity Village, donated the installation of the first two residences herself! She now owns a contracting company and does painting and flooring installation. In 2022 they are in the process of logistically coordinating the move out and placement of 6 women so that they may replace the floors and furniture and have everyone move back into their clean updated spaces.

Geneva Flooring is proud to have participated in this project, to support Suzanne and her passion to give these women dignity and pride in their space. She works tirelessly every day to fulfill the needs of this community. I am so proud of our industry partners for stepping up to contribute their items completely free of charge.