The beauty of hardwood flooring in San Diego, CA

There’s nothing quite as fulfilling as brand new hardwood flooring in San Diego, CA and many homeowners work towards this goal. If that is where you’ve found yourself, we’d like to arm you with some great information about the material and how you can make the most of it in your home.

Of course, it offers a timeless elegance and a classic appeal that suits any interior design scheme while also offering excellent stability and durability in even the busiest areas. These wood floors are also much easier to personalize than you might think and very easy to care for once installed.

Reasons to choose hardwood floors for your San Diego, CA home

Hardwood flooring in San Diego, CA from Geneva Flooring is known for its amazing lifespan, which can easily reach 100 years or more if properly installed and maintained. As an all-natural resource, it’s created to stand up to the elements and then treated with sealant and a great finish to protect further against daily wear.

You'll get to personalize these floors through selecting your wood species, stain color, and finish. The species is probably the most important choice, as some are hard and others much softer. For busy areas of your home, choose the hardest species you can that still fits in your budget and your specific needs.

It’s very important to remember that you can never install solid wood below ground level. If you need a good alternative flooring choice, be sure to ask an associate from our hardwood flooring retailer about engineered wood flooring or a wood-look alternative. It’s also important to remember that these floors must be acclimated before installation can begin, for the very best results.

When you’re ready for installation, we strongly recommend only a professional service for the job. It’s a great way to protect your investment while getting the very best looks at the same time.

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We’ll make sure your flooring is perfect at our San Diego, CA hardwood flooring store

When you visit family owned and operated Geneva Flooring at our San Diego, CA hardwood flooring store, you’ll find associates who are experienced and informational, offer exceptional customer service and professional installations that let you know we’re serious about your overall satisfaction.

If you’re in the areas of San Diego, Del Mar, Scripps Ranch, Poway, or Fairbanks, CA, we invite you to stop into our hardwood flooring store for a visit. We’ll get to know you, what you’re looking for in hardwood flooring, and then match you with the perfect materials and services. When you’re ready to get your project underway, we’re ready to help.