Cork flooring in San Diego, CA is worth your consideration!

If you've never considered cork flooring for your home, there's never been a better time than now. It could be the very material that meets all your needs and provides the flooring you can truly live with.

It’s a great choice for eco-conscious consumers and offers excellent durability and stunning good looks. You’ll find added benefits that make the flooring stand apart from the rest, with excellent resilience for a hard surface floor covering. To find out more, continue reading along with us now.

Here's why cork will work for your home

There are so many benefits to be found in cork flooring, we hardly know where to start. Durability, for instance, is excellent, offering resistance to cracking, scratches, spills, and even dent marks that come from heavy furniture resting on the flooring. It's so durable it can easily last a lifetime when properly installed and maintained. Antimicrobial properties mean this floor covering resists mold and mildew as well and doesn’t send fibers or allergens wafting through the air. And, since it’s warmer to the touch than many other floor coverings, it will be warmer on the feet, so your whole household will experience better breathing and health. In addition to being incredibly comfortable for a hard surface flooring material, you’ll find cork floors to be extremely resistant to heat, only melting or igniting in extreme circumstances. Even in the event of combustion, it emits very little in the way of toxic fumes and smoke. Contrary to popular belief, cork offers excellent style, design, and many color options along with a seamless look after installation. Manufacturing cork doesn't even produce waste products, so it's perfect for the eco-friendly flooring consumer. Come find out more today.

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Geneva Flooring is a third generation owned and operated cork flooring store with a showroom in San Diego, CA that offers excellent materials, services, and top-notch associates who will help you find a match for all of your requirements and preferences. It’s easy to do in this line, and you’ll find it matches nearly every décor scheme as well.

We proudly serve communities such as San Diego, Del Mar, Scripps Ranch, Poway, and Fairbanks, CA. If you’re in these areas, we invite you to visit at your convenience for the best flooring experience you’ve ever had. Our associates will be standing by to assist you.