Hardwood refinishing


Extend the life of your hardwood floors

Do your hardwood floors look dull, scratched or discolored? Geneva Flooring offers professional hardwood refinishing to restore your floor back to its original glory. Our master technician can refinish many types of hardwoods from oak to walnut to bamboo.

Not only can our expert enhance the appearance of your wood floors, but he can also give it a complete makeover by recommending a stain that will complement the wood and achieve your desired look. With proper care, your investment can last 10 years or more, increasing the value and enjoyment of your home. Contact Geneva Flooring today for a free in-home estimate to determine if your floor is eligible for refinishing!

Meet our master hardwood technician

Geneva Flooring uses one of San Diego’s finest hardwood craftsmen to ensure that our client’s floors are flawless. Dave is our full-time master hardwood refinishing technician who brings his 20+ years of experience and his own dustless sanding equipment to every job. Refinishing is truly his specialty. He grew up in a family business that taught him a vast understanding of stains and finishes, and how they react and are expressed with different wood species. In less common applications, we have seen Dave excel where others have failed. His talent is un-paralleled and the results are impeccable.



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What to expect

Refinishing your floors can be a big project because all connecting floors need to be done at once. We will help you through the process as much as we can by moving furniture, hanging protective plastic on your cabinets, and communicating with you when it is safe to enter the house so that you may stay on site and not worry about the extra expense of hotel rooms. All floors can be re-coated. This takes out all of the scratches and gives the finish a deep cleaning. We will use the appropriate finish according to the floor you bought to give it a face lift. If there is deeper damage, some floors can be sanded down to fresh wood. At that time, we can add a new stain color or just finish them natural. This cannot be done on distressed floors or floors without enough wear layer (which is the case with many engineered floors). It takes three full sandings to give you a nice smooth surface to start re coating. We use three coats of commercially-rated, environmentally-friendly urethane to seal and protect your floors. This water-based finish is the longest lasting on the market. Our preferred high quality products are Basic Coatings and Bona. We will evaluate your floor on site and help you select the finish that is right for you. There are 4 shine level options to choose from, however, most clients commonly choose the middle two options of satin or semi-gloss. Some floors require oils; we can speak to you about those options when we ascertain your needs.