5 Things You Need to Know before You Replace your floor

5 Things You Need to Know before You Replace your floor:

1) How long are you going to be in the property? Are you fixing it up to sell, rent, or enjoy yourself? That will help determine budget and suggested replacement covering.
2) Can the floor you currently have be refurbished? Some Hardwoods, vinyls, and tiles can be refinished or recoated to bring back luster or repair damage.
3) What is your substrate? If you have a plywood subfloor you can nail solid wood, if you have concrete you have to get engineered wood or a vinyl.
4) What kind of maintenance do you personally do on your floor? If you like to give your floor an annual facelift oil is a great option for buffing out the year?s blemishes. If you do not like to maintain your floor you should get something where the finish does not come off at all. It scratches, but it doesn't just disappear.
5) Is the long term plan for the property a rental? If this is the case, you should get a floor that either can be resurfaced several times or will stand up to a renter?s beating.

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Lisa Wells
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