We can get 70% of the flooring in our showroom in 24 hours! Depends on the brand, if it is locally distributed, if there is stock, and what time we place the order!

If you have existing hardwood there is a great chance we can help you figure out that room addition you have been thinking about. If you have the manufacturer name and color we can look it straight up! If you have a plank or a picture we can try to find something close! Or we can contrast the floor with something that compliments if we cant find a close enough match to blend and you don’t want the colors to be slightly off. These are the options if it is a separate space, like a separate room; it is much harder to lace in to an existing floor exactly.

This is a floor we did in four stages, several years apart. She was lucky, they still made the floor and the colors were close enough to match and continue on in the same space!