Hardwood flooring from Geneva Flooring in San Diego, CA

How Do I Choose My Hardwood Floor?

After working with people for 20 years to select the hardwood floor that is best for them, I have derived a system.? I start by moving through the showroom, pointing out differences between the floors to help people understand what they are looking at.? Then we pull out colors and styles that appeal to them and get a collection going on the ground. Then I go back through to highlight some things about the hardness, finish, maintenance, and company highlights to make decisions between the floors they like.? The 3-6 samples they have left they check out and take home to see in the light of their own home, next to their paint and cabinet and furniture.
Wood flooring from Geneva Flooring in San Diego, CA

We start by looking at different species of wood, the grain patterns, the color variation, the natural tones.? Then we go into texture or distressing.? There is the handscraped look that was popular in 2010, and the wire brushed looks more common today.? There are chatter marks and machine distressing, lighter and more prominent.? There are stains that are consistent and Reactive stains that allow color variation between boards.? There are wood species like Acacia that naturally have movement and mineral streaks and color and depth, and those that are contemporary and clean like maple, that are prime for staining evenly.? Bevels are the indented edges between boards.? Some manufacturers chisel the edges, some blacken them with a french bleed, some have a micro bevel or even a square edge.? Flooring stores in San Diego, California have to abide by cab compliance, formaldehyde, and forestry practices. But there are some companies that still go above and beyond to get LEED certifications or Greenguard, FSC.or Floorscore Green Seal qualifying different parts of the flooring manufacturing process. Come in to Geneva Flooring in San Diego and I will give you your personal tour of your flooring options to find what best suits your home and lifestyle.