Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is wood that has been re-sourced instead of harvested for the use of your floor.?These Boards can come from many sources. Some reclaimed wood comes from old barns that?have been taken down across America and Australia. These woods show the character of old?nail rust spots and have wide boards because of the large beams that were used to withstand?weather and storms over time. Sometimes old fallen trees are gathered out of rivers and sawn?into planks, both solid and engineered. These floors have a story and history that makes your?floor unique and interesting. It also has a ?green? story and sometimes qualifies for LEEDS?compliance. These certification and manufacturing costs often make reclaimed flooring more
expensive than your average option.

If you have a concrete subfloor you should choose an engineered option that you can glue
down. It still has a sliced face and looks the same as solid wood.?If you have a raised foundation you have the option of getting a solid wood floor and nailing it?down.

Old World Timber is one manufacturer that makes reclaimed wood into flooring. This family-owned business takes special care to source timber, surveying the land and making one?contract at a time to collect these precious pieces and re-purpose them for residential use.

  • Reclaim- We have a huge global network of suppliers who specialize in the deconstruction of old barns and structures.
  • Redeem- Our skilled craftsmen spend countless hours washing, metal detecting, milling, puttying, sanding, and finishing our products to bring them back to life.
  • Repurpose- We love seeing the repurposed designs created from our antique
    wood that transform homes, offices, and the spaces people live in