The most common question I get asked at my flooring store in San Diego, is “What floor would you get?”  The floor you choose should always depend on the application.  I am in a rental, with two children under four years old that push around carts and boxes and throw shoes. The most important thing to me was scratch resistance.  I chose The Scratch Master, a new flooring line with a ceramic bead finish that has held up to all of my expectations.  Wood hardness is important and this floor is an SPC so it is dent resistant as well and increases the hardness of wood.  The PSI on this flooring is over 3000 on the wood hardness scale.  I have three bedrooms so I was able to install it with no moldings in the doorways.  I did a TON of leveling in my living room, so I know that can be an expensive surprise, but after living on the floor I am enjoying the stability of all of those bags of leveling compound in the living room without the creaking.  I highly recommend not cutting corners on your prep! 

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