Baseboards from Geneva Flooring in San Diego, CA

What baseboards should I get?

90% of people go with what the industry calls 711.? It has a simple scroll, it is a nice frame, but not overly ornate as to collect dust.?? The minimum height we order to get a thick enough base to cover the gap for hard surface flooring is 7/16? x 2 ??.? But I like to go with at least the 3 ?? height.? It is important you have coverage over the line where the last base was ripped off, lots of times they are not hung evenly and are hung high over carpet.? That way you don?t have paint touch up on the wall.?

Model homes always choose 5-6? base with lots of scrolls and profile.? While that is beautiful, it can tend to collect dust and baseboards are charged by height, so it can be expensive.? If you currently have this tall of base and don?t want to remove and replace it, you might choose to just put a little base shoe molding at the bottom.? I would not choose this option with shorter baseboards, it tends to look stumpy.

Baseboards are a great upgrade to a standard rental style home.? These finishing touches frame your floor and make your house look custom.