Example of WPC; US Floors


Luxury Vinyl Tiles (stone styles) and Luxury Vinyl Planks (Wood styles) are taking over the Flooring industry because of their durability, price point, and realism.? They have taken a huge share of the carpet market because for a little more you can a longer-term solution.? They have rendered laminate obsolete.? Laminate is a picture of wood on a high-density fiber board (can be damaged by very little water).? LVP is a picture of wood on a waterproof core.? Between pets, pools, cleaning, and leaks- most floors meet their demise by way of moisture.? Not anymore.?? New graphic printing technology has made the photos clear and more realistic than ever.

But what is the difference between WPC and SPC?? ?water proof core? or ?Wood composite? core was originally a proprietary blend of water proof particles designed by Core-Tec (US Floors).? And many companies still lease the core from them; Fusion for example.? But many more companies went off on their own to simulate the WPC with their own blend of materials.? Some are more rigid than others, which makes installation difficult because the locking system tends to break off.? They have different densities and perform (dent resistance and scratching) differently.? Stone Particle Core SPC is also known as Rigid Core.? They are denser and therefore dent resistant.? The might have less comfort value because of the added hardness.? This is a new product and the direction the industry is going, so there will be sure to be many new options soon.? These typically have pad (or cork) attached or installed under them separately.?