The Delicate Dance: Choosing The Appropriate Cleaner For Your Floors

So, you?ve just had stunning new floors installed- the kind that make you do a happy little dance every time you walk into the room. Now, as you revel in the pristine beauty of your space, there?s a crucial detail you might not be thinking about: how to clean and maintain those gorgeous new floors.?

Cleaning your floors might seem like a straightforward task, but when it comes to recently installed floors, the choice of cleaners becomes crucial. It?s not just about making them sparkle; it?s about preserving their integrity for the long run.

The Trouble with common Cleaners: Breaking Down the Basics

It?s tempting to grab your go-to-all-purpose cleaner, maybe something like Fabuloso, to keep your new floors looking fresh. However, here?s where the trouble begins. Many common floor cleaners, despite their universal appeal, can wreak havoc on the wear layers of hard surfaces.

The culprit? Chemicals. Yes, those seemingly innocent cleaning agents can be the silent assassins breaking down the very essence of your newly installed floors. Whether it?s hardwood, laminate, vinyl, or engineered wood, the wear layer- that protective shield that keeps your floors looking pristine- can fall victim to the harsh chemicals found in everyday cleaners.

Why Fabuloso and Friends Are a No-Go: Breaking Down the Breakdown

Fabuloso, like many common floor cleaners, contains chemicals that can be too aggressive for your freshly laid floors. These chemicals, over time, start to break down the wear layer, compromising its ability to resist scratches, stains, and general wear and tear.?

For hardwood floors, the damage might manifest as fading or dullness, robbing your floors of their natural luster. Laminate floors could start showing signs of delamination- the layer separating, leading to a warped appearance. Vinyl flooring, while resilient, are not invincible; they can suffer from discoloration and a loss of sheen. Even engineered wood, designed for durability, can fall victim to the corrosive effects of improper cleaners.

The Certified Heroes: BONA and Woodwise

Enter the certified heroes of floor cleaning: BONA and Woodwise. These brands have earned their stripes in the flooring industry by producing cleaners specifically formulated to nurture and protect your floors.

1.BONA: The Guardian of Hardwood

For your newly installed hardwood floors, BONA is like a guardian angel. BONA Hardwood Floor Cleaner is pH-balanced, ensuring it won?t compromise the delicate pH balance of your hardwood. It?s non-toxic, gentle yet effective, and most importantly, it won?t strip away the protective layers that keep your hardwood looking pristine. Plus, using BONA won?t void your floor?s warranty- it?s a win-win. Here at Geneva, this is our go-to for a complementary gift on all installations.?

2. Woodwise: The Whisperer of Wood

When it comes to engineered wood, Woodwise is the whisperer that understands the nuances of this flooring type. Woodwise Concentrate No-Wax Hardwood Floor Cleaner is formulated to clean, shine, and protect without leaving residue. It?s the subtle touch your engineered wood needs to stay gorgeous for years to come.

Preserving Beauty, Upholding Warranty: The Importance of Certified Cleaners

The relationship between your floors and the cleaners you use is delicate but significant. Using uncertified cleaners like Fabuloso might give you immediate results, but it?s a short-term gain with a long-term cost. Over time the wear layers break down, and the very essence of what makes your floors beautiful and durable is compromised.?

Moreover, here?s a secret many homeowners aren?t aware of: using non-certified cleaners can void the warranty on your new floors. Manufacturers often specify the types of cleaners that are safe to use, and veering away from those recommendations can leave you with a voided warranty and a costly repair bill.

So why take the risk? Investing in certified cleaners is a small step that pays off in the longevity and beauty of your floors. BONA and Woodwise are not just cleaning agents; they are partners in preserving the elegance of your floors while upholding the promises of your warranty.?

Conclusion: The Symphony of Clean and Care

In the symphony of clean and care of your newly installed floors, the choice of cleaner plays a significant note. Resist the temptation to grab the familiar bottle of all-purpose cleaner and opt for the certified heroes- BONA and Woodwise. Your floors will thank you with years of unblemished beauty, and your warranty will remain intact, providing peace of mind for the entire performance of your home?s flooring symphony. After all, a little extra care now ensures a lot more joy and elegance down the line.